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VeriCoin & Verium

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VeriCoin (VRC) and Verium (VRM) are cryptocurrencies. VeriCoin is a digital currency (PoST = Proof-of-Stake-Time) and Verium is a digital reserve (PoWT = Proof-of-Work-Time). They are paired by the Dual Blockchain protocol technology and form what is called the VeriConomy.

News and Updates

Latest news and updates can be found in the VeriCoin & Verium Blog.

Latest highlights:

  • VeriCoin Wallet 1.7 – Released (by verimad | Nov 18, 2017) VeriCoin Wallet 1.7 (Download) has been released! Release Notes
  • New Bitcoin Talk Thread – Binary-Chain – VeriCoin and Verium (by verimad | Nov 11, 2017) We have launched our new Bitcointalk.org thread for VeriCoin and Verium, please join us!


Topic central

  1. VeriCoin Fundamentals
  2. VeriCoin Wallet
  3. VeriCoin Staking and Proof-of-Stake-Time
  4. Verium Fundamentals
  5. Verium Wallet
  6. Verium Mining and Proof-of-Work-Time

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Get Involved

Are you writing about VRM/VRC? Making videos? Find a cool relevant news story? Building a mining rig? Let us know! Let us help promote your content and bring greater awareness about VRM/VRC to the world! Message us and we'll push it out there!

Of great interest would be alternative applications and projects that utilize VRM/VRC technology!

Who Is Ready To Change The World? VeriCoin is looking for volunteers who believe that a fast, secure and scalable decentralized digital currency will create a better world. We are looking for talented designers, developers, marketers, translators and brand ambassadors to join our movement.

VeriCoin Foundation

Join VeriCoin Foundation: Application for

  • Development
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Technical Support
  • Global Initiatives

are very welcome.

“Getting involved with the VeriCoin Foundation was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s awesome to work on a project that is destined to improve the world while collaborating with so many talented and brilliant minds from all around the globe. We’re creating something entirely new for the whole world to experience. It’s a great feeling!” – Kevin Alvarez, Marketing


VeriCoin and Verium is an open sourced community driven project. This page lists current development projects, marketing and community outreach initiatives and a developer tipping fund(we are all volunteers). With these donated funds we hope to deliver quicker development progress, larger marketing campaigns, supporting community outreach projects and support for third party development projects. We look forward to your continuing support in making VeriCoin and Verium great!

-Thank you from the VeriCoin and Verium Development Team

Status & Roadmap




The development team behind VeriCoin and Verium:

Press Releases

Press Releases