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Complete FAQ Collection

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Gather ALL FAQs here. And Answers! :P

Questions about the Dual Blockchain and VeriCoin and Verium project:

the blockchain is 88mb for Verium, the VeriCoin blockchain is 1.6 GB (Dec. 2017)

  • Is the Wallet a Virus or even a Trojan? My Antivirus detects it positive.

It is a false positive due to hashing assembly which virus software thinks could be part of a botnet mining trojan. Can look here as well : https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/1a9066dd074000c874b7c75e76e6794b5dc84518ea982f46a76447f2f00084aa/detection

  • Can i store both Vericoin and Verium in one address? can you have the same receive address in Vericoin Wallet and Verium Vault?
 Yes, you can store VeriCoin and Verium in the same address. That was the design for both VeriCoin and Verium.

effectstocause : Yes import private key for a particular address from one wallet to the other using the file menu yes export first then import Export from VRC import that to VRM The key that prints to dialog when you export in VRC you need to copy and paste into Verium import dialog

  • I accidently sent Verium to my VeriCoin address (or vice versa), what can I do? Is my money lost?
 No, your earnings are save. You need to copy the wallet.dat....
 Backup the wallet.dat of your Verium wallet. Then import your VeriCoins wallet.dat into the Verium wallet. you should find your funds there.
 export private key from VeriCoin and import private key in Verium

Font Scaling issue:




A different workaround for the scaling issue on Windows 10, to correct a single app only:Right-click the Verium icon on the desktop, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab, tick the box that says "Override high DPI scaling behavior" and select the entry "System (Enhanced)" from the dropdown list.

  • How is the project funded ?
  • How can I donate to the project ?
  • How can i help/promote the project ?
  • Can i mine VRM with my CPU while mining another coin with my GPU ?
  • Can i mine on my laptop ? My phone ?
  • How much can i expect with a single pc ?
  • Do you work on a private repo /Github ?
  • Will you implement LN ? Atomic swaps ?
  • Is VRM at risk of a botnet attack ?
  • What is the max supply or VRM/VRC ?
  • Why is the supply not capped ?
  • What is disinflation ?
  • What is the interest rate on VRC ?
  • Why is there no interest rate on VRM ?
  • Is VRM/VRC more fork resistant than BTC ?
  • Is VRM mining more eco friendly than BTC mining ?
  • Is it possible to build ASICs for VRM ?
  • Is CPU mining better than GPU or ASIC ?
  • Are there only full nodes currently ? No lightweight nodes ?
  • Will it be a problem to have to sync with both chains in the future wallet ? (disk space and bandwidth)